I’m Lenka and I’m a 26-year-old girl with big dreams who simply loves her life.

I’m a Marketing Project Manager at Freestak, the Endurance Sports Agency where I create, plan, manage and execute campaigns for various sport clients. The role enables me to manage all stages of the project/campaign including;

  • idea creation based on client’s needs and objectives
  • costing/budgeting & planning
  • delivery, management & reporting

I’m also happily married to running (although there is no ring to prove it, yet!) and as a side project, I run my own blog RUNISTA! which covers anything running/sport related. This has seen me work with some great brands including Sweaty Betty, Decathlon, Adidas, Crewroom, Curry’s World and more. Being an Influencer in endurance sports provides me with an in-depth understanding of what works on me (as a Blogger/Influencer/Runner) and what will work on the people I’m trying to influence on behalf of my clients.